Brain Trust: Secrets to Ensuring the Best Outcomes for Kids With TBIs

Primary care providers can protect young patients’ quality of life and future well-being by understanding the types of lasting symptoms that may result from traumatic brain injuries as well as the prevalent gaps in care that create distress for kids and families. Pediatric neurologist Bethany Johnson-Kerner, MD, PhD, presents her insights on the barriers to follow-up care, communicating with schools, talking to parents and using resources wisely. Bonus: Learn about the new Brain Recovery Education (BREd) Initiative.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand where to refer patients with different types of brain injuries
  • Start the process of brain management
  • Guide families to available cognitive rehabilitation resources (and set reasonable expectations) 



September 9, 2022


September 8, 2023

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Bethany Johnson - Kerner MD, PhD

Bethany Johnson - Kerner MD, PhD

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