Building Child and Family Resilience in Pediatric Primary Care

Traumatic events or ongoing lifestyle instability can impact a child's mental and physical health, increasing the risk of conditions ranging from asthma to ADHD to depression. This talk focuses on how pediatricians can change this trajectory simply through informed and sensitive interactions during ordinary office visits. Two UCSF specialists offer tips and tools for strengthening the crucial parent-child relationship, practical suggestions for helping caregivers build better life skills, and options for when additional interventions are needed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain core principles for promoting resilience (and mitigating toxic stress) in young
    children exposed to significant adversity
  • Describe how pediatric primary care providers can promote child/family resilience during an office visit, including clinical pearls for communication and anticipatory guidance
  • Describe a primary care intervention designed to promote resilience in young children and their caregivers (the Resilience Clinic), including resources, tools, and lessons learned for addressing early childhood adversity in primary care


May 10, 2023


May 9, 2024

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