Care of Transgender & Gender Diverse Youth

Laying the groundwork for a better understanding of gender incongruence, pediatric endocrinologist Abby Walch, MD, discusses the latest evidence on factors that contribute to individual gender identity as well as causes of gender dysphoria. She explains how pediatricians can incorporate a gender-affirming approach into everyday practice; describes the use and effects of current treatments, such as GnRH agonists and hormone therapies; provides resources for kids, families and doctors; and offers tips on referring to the multidisciplinary care that can optimize these patients’ outcomes, including by protecting their mental health.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe terminology and epidemiology related to Transgender & Gender-Diverse (TGD) youth
  • Explain treatment approaches, outcomes, and potential adverse effects
  • Identify care barriers and importance of the pediatrician in caring for TGD youth


May 6, 2024


May 5, 2025

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