Celiac on a Spectrum: How to Ensure Proper Screening and Care in Pediatrics

The incidence of celiac disease is increasing, with serious potential consequences to children’s psychosocial as well as physical health, so pediatricians should know which patients to test and how to initiate treatment. Here’s help from pediatric gastroenterologist Mala Setty, MD, who discusses current screening tools, how to interpret results and when to refer to a specialist. Her talk also covers how to detect “silent” cases (60% of children with celiac have no symptoms) and illuminates the value of comprehensive follow-up care.

Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluate the role of available screening tests in celiac disease, interpreting their results, and discussing their limitations
  • Examine potential challenges in diagnosis and management of celiac disease
  • Review current management guidelines and discuss potential therapies under investigation


August 30, 2023


August 29, 2024

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