From Regurgitation to Constipation: How to Navigate Motility Issues in Pediatrics

Pediatricians see patients for motility concerns every day and need efficient paths to making diagnoses and treatment decisions. In this talk, pediatric neurogastroenterologist Alice C. Huang, MD, MBA, offers case examples to differentiate similar conditions, such as gastroparesis and functional dyspepsia; describes essential physical exam and workup steps; lists red flags for referral; and breaks down the plethora of treatment options. Hear tips such as how to ensure a complete rectal exam and when to screen for an eating disorder.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe common motility conditions
  • Identify the workup, diagnosis and recognition of motility conditions
  • Determine management and treatment of motility conditions


November 30, 2023


November 29, 2024

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Alice C. Huang, MD

Alice C. Huang, MD

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