Immigrant Health Updates: Pediatricians' Role in the Care of Immigrant Children

This talk from two UCSF pediatricians illuminates the pediatrician's power to improve outcomes for forcibly displaced children residing in the U.S. Raul Gutierrez, MD, MPH, and Zarin Noor, MD, MPH, discuss ways to consider the health consequences of a child's experiences before, during and after the immigration process, looking at common physical issues (such as malnutrition and toxic exposures) as well as how to approach mental health concerns with cultural humility. Their tools for clinicians include a one-page guide to the first office visit with an immigrant child or adolescent. Bonus: a look at eligibility for government services, such as WIC.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain some of the factors contributing to the recent increase in child migration across the Southern US Border
  • List specific barriers immigrant children may face in accessing healthcare 
  • List 3 ways medical providers can support immigrant children 


August 31, 2023


August 30, 2024

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