Minority Stress in the Medical World: The Urgency of Addressing Mental Health

Illustrating the devastating impacts of bigotry in medical education and health care, child and adolescent psychiatrist Chase Anderson, MD, opens up about his own experiences – in college, medical school, residency and beyond – as a person with multiple minoritized identities. His presentation includes crucial information on the range of ways racism and homophobia can manifest; the normalization of discrimination in health care; strategies for making minoritized coworkers and patients feel safe and validated; and effective techniques for disarming microaggressions.

Learning Objectives

  • Specify at least three ways in which minority stress affects mental health
  • Assess how minority stress can affect minoritized trainees and faculty in the medical system
  • Identify at least three ways in which we can make academic environments safer for minoritized individuals


May 23, 2023


May 22, 2024

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