Nevi, Melanoma and UV Protection

Melanoma does happen in kids, including those of color, and certain moles need evaluation – but identifying them can be tricky. In this informative overview, pediatric dermatologist Kelly Cordoro, MD, explains which children have a higher skin cancer risk; offers abundant images to help providers more easily discern problematic changes; and gives practical advice on counseling parents and appearance-focused teenagers on skin protection, including how to answer concerns about sunscreen.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describing the natural evolution of congenital and acquired nevi in children. 
  • Identifying risk factors for melanoma in children of various ages. 
  • Differentiating various forms of ultraviolet protection and application to patients of various ages and ethnicities


October 7, 2022


October 6, 2023

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Kelly M. Cordoro, MD

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