Pediatric Chronic Abdominal Pain: Healing with an Integrative Approach to Treatment

Nearly every day, pediatricians see patients with chronic belly discomfort resulting from dysfunctional gut-brain interaction – complex conditions that are different for each child. In this discussion, specialists Jenifer Matthews, MD, and Vivien Nguyen, MD, explain what's known about the biological, social and psychological causes and describe an integrative treatment approach that starts with empowering families through education. They describe numerous management options, including CBT, hypnotherapy, elimination diets, certain supplements and even neuromodulation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Use integrative/nonpharmacologic approaches to treat common pediatric gastrointestinal complaints including common herbs/supplements, dietary changes
  • Be familiar with the Rome IV framework and its impacts on pediatric abdominal pain diagnosis and therapy
  • Incorporate pain neuroscience education from the very first clinic visit for patients with chronic pain.


April 19, 2023


April 18, 2024

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