Pediatric Thyroid Disorders in Primary Care

In this update on thyroid disorders commonly seen in infants and kids, pediatric endocrinologist Hannah Chesser, MD, explains California's newborn screening program (including what it doesn’t detect), new guidelines on pediatric hypothyroidism (and why prompt identification of congenital hypothyroidism is crucial) and how to determine which patients with obesity should be screened.

Bonus: Hear her clinical pearls on the use of levothyroxine and methimazole.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify and monitor infants at risk for neonatal graves' disease
  • Describe thyroid newborn screening and thyroid physiology in neonates
  • Identify and screen for thyroid conditions in children with Trisomy 21 and in children with obesity


July 25, 2023


July 24, 2024

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Hannah Chesser, MD

Hannah Chesser, MD

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