Pediatric Urology Breakdown for the Primary Care Provider

A specialist in bowel and bladder dysfunction, Bethany Geleris, PNP, MSN, offers a refresher on what’s anatomically and functionally normal in foreskins, testicle retraction and voiding control, then provides steps to appropriate management of such conditions as phimosis, undescended testicles and incontinence. Her how-to pointers include taking a useful history; distinguishing undescended testicles from retractile ones; and talking to parents about sensitive issues, including circumcision and urinary control delays. Find out why she says, “Good poopers make good pee-ers!”

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain foreskin, pathologies and treatment plans
  • Differentiate between retractile and undescended testicles
  • Identify key interventions in the treatment of incontinence in children


January 27, 2023


January 26, 2024

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