Sounds of Success: Pediatric Audiology and Speech/Language Pathology Perspectives

Audiology specialists at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospitals offer this presentation to help pediatricians ensure that babies and toddlers not only are screened for hearing issues but receive the timely follow-up that can make a world of difference in their futures. The speakers delineate risk factors for hearing loss in infancy, clarify guidelines on who should be referred for advanced testing, give an update on technological improvements in hearing aids, and offer insights on which children will benefit from cochlear implants. Bonus: Learn about the department's new care pathway aimed at lowering barriers for all families.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe new advances in technology that are now available for treatment of hearing loss
  • Examine updated guidelines on risk factors for hearing loss and when to refer to audiology
  • Discuss various ways to address implicit bias in research and care coordination to promote equitable care
  • Identify characteristics of the Caregiver Coaching model used in teletherapy and in person therapy with a Speech/Language Pathologist



May 28, 2024


May 27, 2025