Tender Knees: Keys to Identifying the Causes of Knee Pain in Children

Pediatric orthopedic surgeon Nirav Pandya, MD, presents secrets to speedy diagnosis of kids’ knee pain, covering the most common conditions and explaining which questions to ask for a useful history, how to characterize the discomfort, and why precise location of the pain is so valuable. He explains why meniscus tears are rare in kids and how to distinguish them from patellofemoral syndrome, and he offers help with answering young athletes who ask, “Can I keep playing?”

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the key history and physical exam findings for a patient who presents for knee pain
  • Identify the indictations for advanced imaging 
  • Determine when an athlete can be cleared to play in context of common diagnoses


December 4, 2023


December 3, 2024

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Nirav Pandya, MD

Nirav Pandya, MD

Pediatric orthopedic surgeon; Director, Center for Sports Medicine for Young Athletes