Treatment of Medication Resistant Epilepsy

Despite numerous new drugs developed over the last 30 years, medications alone aren’t enough to control seizures in one-third of patients with epilepsy. Fortunately, explains pediatric neurologist Roxanne Simmons, MD, advanced surgical techniques and implantable devices, as well as recently approved drugs, mean that children with refractory epilepsy can have a better quality of life than ever before. This illuminating presentation includes images to clarify the placement and function of various neuromodulation devices as well as help with answering patients’ questions, such as whether to try CBD or follow a ketogenic diet.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify medication resistant epilepsy
  • Differentiate between surgical options and devices for treatment of medication resistant epilepsy
  • Describe several medications with new mechanisms of action and diet for treatment of medication resistant epilepsy


December 13, 2023


December 12, 2024

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Roxanne Simmons, MD

Roxanne Simmons, MD

Pediatric neurologist and epilepsy specialist