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Pediatric Epilepsy

UCSF’s Pediatric Epilepsy Center of Excellence is a trusted resource for physicians who want to ensure expert care for young patients with seizures. Part of the UCSF Pediatric Brain Center, our comprehensive program serves infants and children with all types of epilepsy, from the most common syndromes to those that are rare and more difficult to manage.

To provide complete care to each patient and family, our team includes specialists who are dual certified in pediatric neurology and epilepsy, as well as pediatric neurosurgeons, child psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, dietitians and social workers, among other dedicated staff members. Our team members will quickly and collaboratively design individualized treatment plans that meet the needs of your patients and their families. We share your goal of optimizing each child’s care and health, and are eager to partner with you so that together we may ensure the best possible outcome for some of our most vulnerable patients.