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Brief Resolved Unexplained Event (BRUE)

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Pediatric Emergency Medicine Evidence-Based Pathway

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Inclusion Criteria

  • < 1 year-old with brief, resolved, unexplained event

Exclusion Criteria

  • Significant underlying medical condition
  • Not at baseline at time of evaluation

1) BRUE High Risk Criteria (any 1 of below)

  • Age < 60 days
  • Gestational age < 32 weeks and corrected gestation age < 45 weeks
  • > 1 prior event
  • Event lasted > 1 minute
  • CPR by trained medical provider

Author and development date: 2/2018; Authors - Divya Thapar Ray, MD and Sonny Tat. MD, MPH

Reviewed and updated: 7/2018

Disclaimer: These serve as guides only, not decision support and are not continuously reviewed. Drug dosing and pathway specifics should always be reviewed by prescribers with continuously reviewed sources.