Kristin Livingston, MD

Kristin Livingston, MD

Dr. Kristin Livingston is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon who cares for children with musculoskeletal abnormalities and injuries, ranging from clubfoot and limb alignment to hip dysplasia and complex elbow fractures. Her primary interests lie in correcting lower limb deformities and treating pediatric fractures. To ensure the best outcomes for her patients, she provides care until they reach early adulthood.

Livingston's research explores many topics in pediatric orthopedics. With an interest in using novel imaging techniques to better understand childhood injury and deformity, she is specifically studying how digital tomography and augmented reality can improve fracture diagnosis and surgical planning. Another focus of her research is examining factors that influence patient satisfaction. She also works on community-based projects looking at bullying of young orthopedic patients at school.

Livingston earned her medical degree at UCSF. She completed Harvard University's combined orthopedic residency program, followed by a fellowship in pediatric orthopedic surgery at Boston Children's Hospital.

Livingston is committed to serving the UCSF community through efforts that champion diversity and enhance the experience of all doctors. She is a member of the physician experience council, and for the orthopedic surgery department, she serves on the diversity committee and as director of physician experience.

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