The Latest on Type 1 Diabetes: Increasing Incidence, Improved Care

In less than an hour, primary care providers can get up to speed on type 1 diabetes through this information-packed talk from pediatric endocrinologist Gina Capodanno, MD. She covers everything from the impact of COVID – linked to a 9.5% rise in new cases worldwide – to which patient populations should be screened to the technological advances that can empower kids to manage their everyday care. Learn about new devices, including smaller continuous glucose monitors; customizable pumps; and systems that synthesize these technologies to keep blood glucose steady. Bonus: a list of simple ways to support the overall physical and mental health of kids with type 1 diabetes.

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UCSF Pediatrics

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Gina Capodanno, MD

Gina Capodanno, MD

Pediatric endocrinologist

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