The Neonatal Cardiovascular Center of Excellence: Optimizing Support for Tiny Hearts

Tiny Tots With Heart Defects: Practices and Promises of Advanced Neonatal Cardiovascular Care Martina A. Steurer, MD, MAS, a cardiac intensivist for neonates, discusses challenges and solutions in the treatment of premature and low-birth-weight infants with heart disease, describing how care has evolved and offering informative data on surgical outcomes related to gestational age. She includes a video illustration of NICU environmental factors that impact wellness and describes elements of programs to support neurodevelopment and cardiac health from birth through childhood and beyond.

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Martina Steurer, MD

Martina Steurer, MD

Neonatologist and pediatric cardiac critical care specialist

Dr. Martina A. Steurer is a pediatric cardiac critical care specialist and neonatologist who provides pre- and postsurgical care for babies and children with congenital heart disorders and other heart conditions.

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