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Injury Prevention and Care for Young Athletes

The UCSF Sports Medicine Center for Young Athletes works exclusively with children and young athletes, ages 5 to 25, who participate in sports at any level. Specialized care for young athletes is important because immature bones and cartilage tend to be susceptible to different injuries from those seen in physically mature athletes. 

Overuse injuries are the most common injuries in young athletes and are the result of too much of a given exertion performed either too quickly or repetitively over too long a period of time. Without correct load management, overuse injuries can lead to difficulties into adulthood.

The multidisciplinary team focuses on prevention and offers care and treatment for injuries as well. The team sees patients in San Francisco, Oakland, Walnut Creek and San Ramon, and includes:

  • Biomechanics specialists
  • Certified athletic trainers
  • Certified strength and conditioning specialists
  • Kinesiologists
  • Pediatric orthopaedic surgeons
  • Pediatric sports medicine specialists
  • Physical therapists
  • Sports nutritionists

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