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UCSF Pediatric Sarcomas



UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals have been at the forefront of research and treatment for pediatric sarcomas for decades, at both our San Francisco and Oakland campuses. Because pediatric sarcomas are rare, patients often suffer from delayed diagnosis since most medical providers are not experienced in treating them. We are a destination for referrals from throughout California and the United States, as well as internationally.


  • Multidisciplinary, experienced group of pediatric oncologists, radiation oncologists and surgeons specializing in pediatric sarcoma treatment and follow-up care
  • Phase 1 and other unique clinical trials unavailable elsewhere, many of which are developed and led by UCSF faculty
  • Precision cancer medicine program that identifies genetic etiology of each case using the UCSF500 gene sequencing panel, which helps determine a personalized treatment plan for each patient
  • Precise local control treatments for locally advanced or metastatic disease, including stereotactic radiotherapy, high-frequency ultrasound, intraoperative radiotherapy and interventional radiology-guided cryotherapy
  • A hereditary cancer predisposition clinic with oncologists and genetic counselors who guide testing and help decrease risks for families with a strong history of sarcomas and other cancers
  • Child life specialists who provide a healing environment for the entire family, with special programs for teens, music and art therapy, service dogs, games and an in-hospital school
  • Pediatric rehabilitation therapy for post-treatment recovery


  • Ewing sarcoma
  • Desmoid fibromatosis
  • Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors
  • Malignant rhabdoid tumor
  • Osteosarcoma
  • Rhabdomyosarcoma
  • Synovial sarcoma
  • Other rare sarcomas


  • Multidisciplinary and intensely collaborative care provided by experts in pediatric and medical oncology, general surgical and orthopaedic oncology, radiation oncology and interventional radiology.
  • Access to investigational therapies through local and national consortia.
  • The only hospital in Northern California that is a member of the National Cancer Institute’s Pediatric Early Phase Clinical Trials Network (PEP-CTN), a group developing new therapies for pediatric cancers.
  • Availability of the UCSF Clinical Cancer Genomics Laboratory, the only resource in Northern California to offer a unique gene sequencing tool (the UCSF500) that can identify mutations in more than 500 genes involved in childhood cancer.
  • Surgical expertise in complex resections and reconstructions, including pioneering work in osseointegration for patients undergoing amputation.
  • Minimally invasive procedures for anatomic and molecular diagnosis, including interventional radiology and fine needle aspirates with immediate interpretation by cytopathology.
  • Procedural support from pediatric anesthesia, pain management teams and child life specialists.
  • Survivorship program for follow-up, education and ongoing clinical surveillance once a child has completed treatment for a bone or soft tissue sarcoma.



  • PHONE (877) 822-4453 (877-UC-CHILD)
  • FAX (415) 353-4485


Alejandro Sweet-Cordero, MD
Pediatric oncologist
Division Chief, Pediatric Oncology

Steve Braunstein, MD, PhD
Radiation oncologist

Cynthia Burke, PNP, MSN
Pediatric nurse practitioner

Soo-Jin Cho, MD, PhD
Pediatric pathologist
Director, Pediatric Pathology

Jesse Courtier, MD
Pediatric radiologist
Chief, Pediatric Radiology

Rachelle Durand, MD
Pediatric interventional radiologist

Carla Golden, MD
Pediatric oncologist

Robert Goldsby, MD
Pediatric oncologist

Fabienne Hollinger, FNP, MSN
Pediatric nurse practitioner

Jennifer Michlitsch, MD
Pediatric oncologist

Richard O’Donnell, MD
Orthopaedic oncologist
Chief, Orthopaedic Oncology

Doruk Ozgediz, MD, MSc
Pediatric surgeon

Arun Rangaswami, MD
Pediatric oncologist

Amit J. Sabnis, MD
Pediatric oncologist

Tracy Sirota, PNP, MSN
Pediatric nurse practitioner

Kieuhoa Vo, MD, MAS
Pediatric oncologist

Lan Vu, MD
Pediatric surgeon

Rosanna Wustrack, MD
Orthopaedic oncologist
Chief, Orthopaedic Oncology

Elizabeth Young, MD
Pediatric oncologist

Matt Zapala, MD, PhD
Pediatric radiologist

Melissa Zimel, MD
Orthopaedic oncologist

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