Preeclampsia Update: How to Identify and Manage a Perilous Pregnancy Complication

This important talk from Annalisa Post, MD, a perinatologist with the UCSF Fetal Treatment Center, clarifies the definition of preeclampsia, lays out risk factors, and elucidates the tricky business of recognizing worsening hypertension in pregnancy. She covers which labs to order and when (and how to interpret borderline results) and presents new guidelines on care for pregnant patients with chronic high blood pressure. Bonus: Hear pros and cons of low-dose aspirin for every pregnancy.

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UCSF Pediatrics

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Annalisa Post, MD

Annalisa Post, MD


Dr. Annalisa Post is a perinatologist, an obstetrician who cares for patients with high-risk or complicated pregnancies.

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