The Allure of European Formulas: How to Steer Parents to Safe Choices

Last year's infant formula shortage combined with a widespread mistrust of U.S. food standards has heightened interest in European options, but are they better – or safe? This talk from dietitian Marian Roan, RD, MPH, shines a light on the reasons parents choose these products and how to ensure their babies’ nutritional needs are met. Roan breaks down label terms, provides brand-specific guidance, gives resources for product details, and offers exam-room tips for detecting common pitfalls of using non-U.S. brands.

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UCSF Pediatrics

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Marian Roan, RD, MPH

Marian Roan, RD, MPH


Marian Roan is a dietitian who provides nutrition therapy for children of all ages with special needs and complex neurological conditions. She specializes in managing epilepsy with ketogenic diet therapy, a high-fat, low-carbohydrate dietary treatment...

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