Adolescent Isolation, Anxiety and Anger: How to Manage COVID’s Heightening Effects

Child and adolescent psychiatrist Petra Steinbuchel, MD, discusses the ongoing behavioral fallout from the pandemic, presenting the evidence on increases in mental health problems among adolescents. With practical guidance, she focuses on how to support stressed kids by fostering connections, nurturing resilience and building life skills – as well as how to structure a return to “normal life.” Bonus: Learn the 4-1-5 breathing exercise you can use anytime to calm your nervous system.

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UCSF Pediatrics

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Petra Steinbuchel, MD

Petra Steinbuchel, MD

Director, Psychiatry, Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland
Medical Director, Mental Health and Child Development, Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland

Petra Steinbuchel MD, has provided clinical care at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland in the settings of general child and adolescent psychiatry in outpatient and school-based clinics with medically underserved populations.

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